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Grammar Check

To use this AI grammar checker, simply type or paste your text in the input box below or upload a file.

AI Grammar Checker

Grammar Check is an AI-based tool that can be used to eliminate grammatical errors. With this grammar checker online, you can remove both basic and high-level grammatical errors in your content with just one click.

Why Our Grammar Checker?

Our AI grammar checker instantly corrects grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. It provides accurate suggestions to improve your writing skills.

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How to Use This Grammar Checker?

Here's how you can use this tool to make your text grammatically perfect.

Step 1

Type or paste the text in the input field.

Step 2

Or, upload a file directly from your Computer, Google drive, or Dropbox.

Step 3

Click on the "Check Grammar" button.

Step 4

Press "Fix all mistakes" button to eliminate all the errors.

Features of This Grammar Corrector


Automatic Suggestions

After highlighting all the grammatical mistakes, this sentence checker provides correct suggestions for every error. Click on the suggestion to replace it with the highlighted error.


One-Click Correction

Our grammar corrector removes all the grammatical errors with a single click. Click on the "Fix All Mistakes" button, and our grammar checker will resolve all the issues at the same time.


Unlimited Words Count

A user can check an unlimited number of words, for example 500, 1000 or 5000. This helps the user to resolve grammatical issues without dividing the content into portions.


Upload from Drive

You can upload a content file directly from your computer drive, Google drive, and Dropbox, which means you don't have to copy and then paste the text.

Best AI Grammar Checker

Grammar Check provides the best AI grammar checker online that helps non-native English speakers to fix their grammatical errors.

✅ CheckGrammar, spelling & punctuation
🗣️ EnglishUS, UK, CAN & AU
🤖 Powered byArtificial Intelligence
💡 Accuracy100%
💸 PriceFree

Who Can Find This AI Grammar Checker Useful?


Students need to submit grammatically perfect assignments and it can be a hectic or time-consuming task to do manually, but we have a solution. You can go for this grammar corrector.


Book Author

There’s no chance to ignore any grammar mistakes, so if you are a book author, you can take help from our online ai grammar checker.

book author


As a blogger, you have to eliminate every basic and advanced grammatical mistake from your blog posts, so you can use our grammar checker regarding this.


How You Can Avoid Grammar Errors in Your Writing?

Take a Crash Course in Grammar

A writer must have a proper grasp of all the concepts and logic related to grammar. There are some rules and regulations that you can only learn by taking a crash course in grammar.


Proofreading will make your content free from every grammatical mistake. Keep in your mind that the more you proofread, the more you can make your content outstanding.

Using AI Grammar Checking Tools

And, of course, one of the easiest ways to avoid having grammatical errors in your wiring is to use an ai grammar checking tool. A grammar checker can find all the errors without any failure.

Is it Important to Remove Grammatical Errors?

It's definitely important to remove all the grammatical errors and make your content grammatically fit. There are many factors involved with grammar including spelling, punctuation, use of articles, and more.

It is not wrong to say that you need to eliminate grammatical errors if you want to get benefited from your content because it is tough to rank the content which is not grammatically perfect. If you want to complete this task in less time, you can opt for this grammar checker.

What Factors Make an AI Grammar Checker the Best?

Here are a lot of different factors. Some are important and major, while some can be a bit overlooked by a lot of people. However, these should also be considered.

  • Accuracy 

  • Reliability

  • User-friendly interface

  • Time efficiency 

  • Free to use

Some Common Grammatical Errors

icon Topic

Run-on sentence

Pronoun disagreement

Wrong apostrophe usage

Lack of subject-verb agreement

Sentence fragments

Wrong ending preposition

wrong-icon Wrong

John is very smart, he began reading when he was three years old.

Every boy must bring their own lunch

My fathers cabin is next to his' cabin.

These books is good for beginners.

He stayed home from school the other day. Because he was sick.

What is your profession.

right-icon Right

John is very smart because he began reading when he was three years old.

Every boy must bring his own lunch.

My father's cabin is next to his cabin.

These books are good for beginners.

He stayed home from school the other day because he was sick.

What is your profession?

We didn’t just build apps — We have created entire experiences



You can instantly check grammar to enhance your writing by downloading the Grammar Checker app from Playstore for free. 



The Grammar Checker App for iOS will give you instant access to check and remove grammatical mistakes from your written work at your fingertips.



Instantly remove grammatical and spelling mistakes by downloading the Grammar Checker desktop application from Windows.



With the Grammar Check Linux app, you can write flawless content without any grammatical mistakes on your Linux operating system.